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With 10 songs and a downloadable script, the ISLAND DREAMS CD is designed for intermediate schools or all level primaries. Songs can be enjoyed individually or in a full show production. Performance rights are available from the author.

Hereís the deal...

Kakapo is worried. Things are not looking good for his long term survival. Pests are rife and have very bad breath. Tuatara, skink, kiwi and takahe are all feeling down about it. They have a good think and someone has a GREAT IDEA!
(Takahe: I thought of it first!) A scheme is hatched and with help from DOC the creatures head for new lives on ...ISLANDS!... that pests canít swim to!
The pests are insulted but there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

They are DEFinitely NOT invited.

KIDS - If you can you sing like a kakapo, dance like a takahe, snore like a tuatara, or play air guitar like a bare-faced rat, or even if you canít and would like to try, youíll love ISLAND DREAMS. The songs rock and the snappy dialogue will make you think youíre in a cartoon which has
got to be fun.